Terms & Conditions

Terms Condition

Revision Policy:

We provide revisions according to your chosen kit. Customers will request unlimited free modifications from us and we will review their proposal with no extra fees if the design and philosophy remain the same. Time will be 48 hours for revision Turnaround.

Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee:

If the design principles are agreed upon or a modification is sought until Reform Corp Solutions TM cancels or terminates the contract for some cause other than in the violation of inadequacy after the launch, all deposited project funds shall not be entitled to refund after delivery.

All refund requests will be fulfilled as per the following arrangement:

How to claim your refund:

Please ensure that the following conditions are met to ensure your refund request is authorised

My Account

It is easy to connect with the My Account area. It is your absolute duty to search the area of your account to answer any questions, complaints, or further guidance the creator requires. You would not be given sufficient grounds for a refund by always not reviewing or using the Account Area. If you do not know how to use the field, however, you will still be able to contact the support staff.

Quality Assurance Policy

Our models do not deviate from your requirements in the order form to provide you with the desired satisfaction. The designs are produced after a rigorous investigation that guarantees product accuracy and individuality.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We rework the ordered design and continue to revise it to 100%. (depending upon your package).

Domain and Hosting

Website packages are given to domain and hosting free of charge, where necessary. Both website-packaged email accounts can be configured on email software of third-party companies such as outlook. There will be 10MB of space for any email address. We would not have email addresses if you do not host your website. Hosting, domain, or e-mail server packages will not be refunded.

Delivery Policy

All design order files are sent to my account according to the date on the “Confirmation of Order.” An e-mail is often provided to remind the customer of the arrival of the design order to their particular area of the account. The date and time of the design order sent to the customer’s account region are both policies related to the modification and repayment. All design order files are sent to “My Account,” according to the date specified in the “Confirmation of order.” An e-mail is often provided to remind the customer of the arrival of the design order to their particular area of the account. The date and time of the design order sent to the customer’s account region are both policies related to the modification and repayment.
Within 5 to 7 days of your order, we will deliver all our personalized design orders via email. We promise RUSH DELIVERY to give you an additional 100 to get your first preview of the logo within 48 hours! Call us at the 24-hour Customer Support Centre for more assistance.

Record Maintenance

After you have the final files, we hold a record of your finished design. We will give them to you upon request if you need the final files again in the future.

Customer Support

For your inquiries and requests, we have 24-hour customer support. You can still email us and we promise that you will answer promptly.

Communication Policy

YOU recognize that Reform Corp Solutions shall not accept liability for any other e-mail address (s) except those followed by a domain such as ‘@reformcorpsolutions.co.uk’ or/or other free e-mail address (s) not included in our website. No damages incurred by such communication should be held accountable for Reform Corp Solutions. All contact is only under our domain name via an email address (es), or via the free telephone number already mentioned in the design competent website.

Access to Information

You will be required to include some identification details or other information to use Reform Corp Solutions facilities. You hereby agree on all the details you supply to be right, up to date and full by agreeing on these terms and conditions. If a Reform Corp Solutions considers the details you have supplied to be incorrect, up-to-date, or complete, it is entitled to deny access to all of its facilities or properties and to cancel or suspend your account at all times.

Reform Corp Solutions operates within the PCI DSS compliant organisation and is allowed to maintain the credit card details on a list that may be used without advance notice for any recurring operation, overtime creation, server, or network equipment necessary to build or launch a website. However, our leaders are still mindful of this so that you know all the procedures.

100% Unique Design Guarantee

At Reform Corp Solutions our consumer logos are manufactured from scratch and are guaranteed. This way you will have a logo designed to fit your needs. We ensure your logo is exclusive and impressive for your customer.


The Company will help the Client integrate 3rd party plugins and APIs, but all third-party integration needed to support the website’s features will be normal STRICTLY. During the construction of this enterprise, the company would have little to do with third-party transactions. A separate fee arrangement is required for any further work.



Reform Corp Solutions offers a broad range of services to its clients, catering to everything from basic startup requirements such as Logo Design and Web Development to more advanced offerings like Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We assure results and pledge high-quality services to clients from all sectors.